Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm such a hoser eh!

Well, I'm back in Canada! Again, it's a true love for all things Canadian, as well as avoiding Detroit and Chicago on the bike. Now, if I were in an automobile-well, that would be another different story all together. As I would have loved to have caught a baseball game in one of those great ballparks.

Beat Street Break-Down.....rrrrrrrurf!

July 28th
Glasgow, Montana- Lakota, North Dakota
Total Miles-420

Highlight- Trains really make me happy. In doing so, as I ride alone down this side road/highway I wave at all trains passing me bye. What makes the kid smile? Everytime I wave they blow the air horn. Simple, yes. Fulfilling, you bet you bippies! EVERY TIME. I wish everything in life were as simple. Maybe it is?

July 29th
Lakota, MT - Ashland, Wisconsin
total miles 440...the kid is back on track!

Nothing worth writing home about.

July 30th
Ashland, WS - Blind River, Ontario CANADA
Total Miles- 433

Stopped at an RV dealer today to see if they had those crazy stickers they put on the sides of RVs. You know the ones, each sticker is an out line of a state. Well, I was hooked up and spent some of the afternoon displaying my war medals inside my hardbags. Next time you see me just ask. Come on you know you want to. If your a little shy I'll break the ice and end up showing them to you anyways.

Stay tuned kids, as more exciting up dates will be pouring in. However, not so many as my trip is coming to a close.

Ok, all evening as I rode into the day turning into darkness I kept singing what song? Go a head and mapquest Blind River.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 21st-27th

July 21st Eugene-Portland
Total Miles: 120

Very enjoyable day and evening with my friends Eric, Tiff, and Tera.
Coors Lit in the back yard and then down the road for a bite to eat.

GREAT peeps indeed.
July 22nd - 24th Portland-Seattle

Total Miles-170

Off to see yet another old friend from New Hampshire days of yore.
Met up with Jarid and Celia in Seattle and was only planning on spending one night and then set off looking for adventure in the great white north. However, ended up staying until the 24th.
Activities included:
Drinking PBR in the backyard
Baby sitting
Listening to drag racing albums
Stir-frying fun
Late night Ice Cream

July 24th- Seattle, Wa- Rock Creek, B.C. Canada
Total Miles- 365 miles

It feels good to be back on the road and putting the miles back on the bike. Ruby continues to amaze me, as she handles and performs so well. My ass is also doing rather well, all things considered.

Well, entered Canada and already felt the difference. Was going to hit Vancouver, however I decided I had enough with city life and really wanted to start wracking up the miles once again. Rode until it started to become dusk…and we all know what happens then. Not only do vampires start to roam around Canada, but so do deer and elk. So, what does the kid do? Pulls in to a convenience store and inquires about local camping.
Again I’m told of a place to camp in town for free….DIG IT!
Setting up camp at the local fair ground I run across several other bikers with the same agenda. After a brief introduction and some talk about the road they send me north the following day as I’ve stumbled upon some of the greatest riding in all of Canada…and it’s just north of me.

Again, I’m going to continue to echo the same message I’ve said before and will most likely say again in this crazy blogging world….the camaraderie among bikers is an amazing thing and comes in all shapes and forms. I never get sick of talking to others on their own journey-this seems to happen daily.

Side note_ While swimming in the river at the camp ground, The kid lost one of his flip-flops and was not quick enough to recover it. I believe it was the flop.

July 25th Rock Creek, B.C.- Creston, B.C.
Total Miles- 367

WOW! What a ride indeed. The bikers were correct. They sent me on a loop and told me where to…get this… hop on a ferry, for free. Free ferries…and then the road continues…crazy!

July 26th- Creston, BC- Lethbridge, Alberta
Total Miles-270

Very late start today-just couldn't’t get my self moving. Didn’t hit the road until 11:00. No worries…where am I going anyways?

Bought a new pair of flip-flops, they say Canada on them, I’m pretty cool with my Canadian flip flops. All the other bikers step back a few feet when I walk on by.

More amazing roads. I started to enter the prairie zone and don’t seem to mind at all.

Stopped at an attraction/historical site that was quite amazing. The place is called Fred Slide and it’s the story of how the side of a mountain collapsed and took out a whole town.

After another costly day/evening of travel, I have come to the realization I need to reenter the states if I’m going to continue. Starting to consider an early reentry. I also feel the need to build up my riding endurance once again. Not that I’m in a rush to get home, but I do like the feeling of putting in a 500 plus mile day from time to time.

Got a chance to catch the Sox beat the Angels at a local watering hole. It’s nice to see the Sox are back on track. Thank God for my crackberry, as it keeps me updated on the scores.

Will also try and do more camping to save money.

July 27th- Lethbridge, Alberta – Glasgow, Montana USA
Total Miles-380

Well, the miles are increasing some and that’s good. It also feels a bit nice to be in the land of less costly items. It was somewhat of a drag in that I really wanted to cross Canada on the bike. Oh well, looks like I need to start planning another trip for next summer. Ha!

While riding along the roads of Montana, I came into Brockton I had to stop and ask. There's only one store, no stop lights, and a high school. I went up to the school and had the chance to meet the superintendent of the Brockton school system. We chatted some and then she indicated, "So, your the Brockton High School that always comes up while googling the name." Proudly, I indicated, "But Of course" in my best Peter Sellers. Upon leaving I started brain storming ideas of how I can mix and cross breed some lessons and activities amongst the two school and cultures. Brockton Montana is based on an Indian Res. and the total school population is under 130 students. Now, Brockton High School in Mass has more students than the entire population of the res. However, there is so much in common as well as vast differences that need sharing.

Craziness. In a roadside gas station I noticed this crazy looking van plastered with rappers wearing Red Sox caps…so I had to ask! The rapper is know as Bullet and the only reason he had a Sox cap on was due to the B on the lid. However, he was a very well informed baseball fan. We talked about the Sox, as well as The Mariners (his team). Over all he was a pretty decent guy. Never heard of him, but his promoter was still pushing cds to young girls (mostly Native American kids). Boy was sporting some crazy bling on the grill.

That’s all for now kids. Oh, being back in the states has already proved it’s weight in gold. Stayed at the Starlight Motel. Total cost-$30.00….yeah boy!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Ants in the pants!

July 19th
Total Miles-0

Eugene, OR

Been having an amazing time with close friends, as well as new friends in the freak capital of America. Great going away party last evening for a dear friend of Tami and Dave, as she is moving away from the area. Drinks of many different shades, colors, actions, and outcomes.

Getting the need to hit the road once again. As I stay here parked in the driveway getting weaker, Charley's out there in the jungle getting stronger.

Shit. Eugene.
I'm still only in Eugene.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

July 13th-17th

July 13th
Total Miles-204

Left Butte,MT after spending the morning/ early afternoon in uptown and taking in the beauty of all the amazing buildings and history or the copper mines.

Took rt. 38 which turned into a dirt road carved into the sides of mountains (32 miles). I don't recommend this road unless your into 4x4. Ruby did well, in fact she held out better than I did. i had to stop several times as my eyes became agitated. Every time I pulled over several trucks would stop and ask if I was in need of assistance. Highlanders look out for each other, as well as another in need of help.

Made it to Salmon, Idaho and stayed at the Sacajawea Inn on RT. 93. Stay there if your in and about the area. Clean spacious rooms and breakfast is only an additional $3.00.

July 14th
460 miles

Great riding day. Perfect weather as I twisted along the Salmon river. Stopped at the Sunbeam Hot Springs and took a little dip to relax and chill for a spell. Sun started to set as I made my way into Oregon. The light on the blond hills were nearly blinding, the deer were also starting to come out of hiding for the night so I decided it was time to set up camp.

More and more twisties as much as straight aways.

Stopped at the Oasis campgrounds in Juntura, OR along RT 20.

Dinner consisted of two frosty cold beers and then set up camp. I was in bed and sound asleep by 9:00 PM.

July 15th
320 Miles

The roads out here scream for motorcycles. More twisties yet once again. The Mackenzie Pass in Sisters,OR is well worth the effort if you see yourself in these parts.

Arrived at Mister Snider's at 2:30

Washed the bike down
Met Dave at 4ish after he got out of work
Drinks and an amazing meal at Belly in downtown Eugene
and more and more drinks....

July 16th
0 miles

Chill time....and it feels sooooooooooooo good.
Went to Sam Bonds to see some music.
Backyard bind fire with D
Awesome nights sleep. Thanks Tami for the fresh bed and sheets.

July 17th
Total miles-0

Heading to Portland with Dave to see his band Pellet Gun play tonight at the White Eagle.

This chill time is well needed.

Stay tuned for more adventure.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Tuesday July 13th 2010...I know!

Ok, I realize I do need to backtrack some dates. The Internet has not been so readily available, or if it was I was not. I've made it to the west coast all in one piece (at least on the outward appearance).

July 12th
Total miles-220
Cody, WY - Butte, MT

Well, upon meeting Kevin and John the previous day, we all decided to embark on this run together. I also can't stress the friendliness and gratitude I received from those guys.

Chief Joseph Highway and Bearstooth pass are the GREATEST highways/roads in this country of ours. Truly spectacular! Talk about twisties, twisties, and beautifully drawn out...twisties. And the fact that your also about 12,000 feet above sea level. It was somewhat wild riding past snow, elk, long horned sheep, and the occasional ground hog. I posted some pics of that run the previous post. Go back and check em' yo!

After parting ways with my new Canadian friends in the town Red Lodge, I made my way through Yellowstone National Park. Sorry to say, I couldn't wait to get out the other side as soon as possible. I went from flying like a hawk to crawling with the reptiles as the tourist and thrill seekers needed to stop and stare at every living plant, animal, and man. On top of that, the temperature increased drastically in the valley.

Found my way out to rout 89 and made my way to a hidden treasure. BUTTE, MONTANA.
In the city that America has quickly forgotten, I rolled around to see what there was to be seen.

Arriving at dusk, the sun was setting on the Montana mountains and discovering Butte took a little time as the new and improved stucco and plastic formations first greet the new arrivals. One has to go uptown to find the gold, or in Butte's terms copper.
It's here in uptown where all these amazing turn of the century brick buildings stand abandoned and holding secrets and stories about a better time and brighter day. Street after street share the same past glory. However as the night was flatly approaching I needed to find a place to lay my head for the evening. Ladies and Gentleman, let me now introduce you to your next stop while visiting Butte. The Finlen Hotel

This place was has been restored to the looks and check it yo!

so, the next time your in Butte, you may consider buying and restoring some of the old gems there. Do yourself a favor and stay at the Finlen. Tell em' Brockton sent you.

On the side note: It was time to do laundry. Total cost at the Finlen= $1.00....dig it!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Photo's of the KID. Doing my thing in full swing!

July 11th

July 11th
440 miles

Deadwood/Lead South Dakota-Cody, Wyoming

Again I can’t overstate the amazing back roads America has to offer. When one travels, and you find yourself in no particular hurry- take the time and discover what people and animals do outside of your own neighborhood.

Deadwood is extremely touristy and everything is based around Wild Bill Hicock and Calamity Jane. However, getting there from the crazy Badlands of South Dakota was quite adventurous.

Next stop: Cody, Wyoming
To travel here I again only used the I 90 sparingly.
Got off on rt.14/16 and drove through Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote type surroundings. I also took Ruby to the test as well as myself in regards to just how much gas she can hold. The reserve light went on and there was noting in site…I mean NOTHING. On top of all that, it’s Sunday so nothing at all is open. However, as luck would have it and the remaining fumes held out just a tad longer than expected, I came across a man-less gas pump that only operates on credit cards. It also offers three different types of diesel fuel.

Hi-lights: When arriving in Cody, Wy. I checked into a super cheesey/awesome motor lodge called the Uptown Motel. Pulled my bike up to two other bikes and it was there I met Kevin and John from Canada. We drank beer, talked bikes, politics, hockey, and decided to go on an amazing journey the following morning. They had just spent the last two weeks riding down from Calagery and Vancover to New Mexico. Plus the owners of the motel gave us a six pack of Sam Adams that another guest had left behind. We never even left the front porch area of our motel all night.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

July 7th-10th

The miles keep racking up. I keep telling myself the first 1,000 miles to be inducted into the Iron Butt membership, really ain't all that.

July 7th
Total Miles- 715

-Rode through Michigan and thought it would never end. I mean come on it's a peninsula state. However, it kept on going and going, as did I. This was the first real break in the heat wave of 2010. So, in celebration I treated myself to the mystery spot Have you ever been? What are your thoughts? let's compare notes.
-Got a righteous call from Derek T. who is currently residing in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was then that I pointed Ruby south and heading across some amazing rolling hills of Wisconsin and Minnesota for the most part and then hopped on the Interstate to make up some time.
-Meet up with Derek and his crew and had some rather decent sushi and a frosty cold one. God knows I needed it after that run.

High Light- Derek and his wife Steph were going to the movies and as much as I would have liked to have joined them, I had to decline. Upon finding Derek's house I rode in the driveway and noticed Nick (Steph's son) in the window. Unfazed Nick never took his eyes off the computer monitor. I knocked on the door, and introduced myself. He never uttered a word. I found the room Derek described to me, laid down and feel into a deep slumber.

July 8th
Total Miles- 0

-Spent the whole day chilling with Sir D.
-Mickey's Diner in St. Paul for breakfast. The greatest omelets on this Earth. The line cook uses something from the deepest parts of the ocean where the fish have built in head lamps and windmill to communicate love and affection. It's an old school diner the way they were and always should be. The waitress Mary and I became good friends rather quickly, as she gave me shit within the first 15 seconds of my ordering. So, I had to go Brockton on her. Needles to say we clicked.
-Indian food for dinner at Gandhi's. Amazing Saag Paneer-8.5 out of 10
-Cocktails at Town Talk. This place make-up most if not all of their own cocktails. Some were super-cool tasty. Others not so much. Would I go back there again....Hell yeah!
High Light- I got hammered and not so hung over.

July 9th
Total Miles- 490
Minnesota-South Dakota

I mentioned not so hung over. That in itself still leaves room for somewhat hung over. Needless to say, I had a late start. Hit the road at about 11ish in the morning, and dragging.
-Stopped for lunch and had a fish sandwich and banana cream pie.
Rode through out the day and stopped when the moment felt right and took some pics. Went through the Little House on the Prairie town. Looked for bitchy Nelly, as she was the one I always had a little secret crush on when i was a kid. No where to be found.
-South Dakota's back road are amazingly beautiful. Every one works and they work hard. Wheat fields and grain mills abound.
High light- It got dark and the deer were coming out for the evening. Looking for a place to camp, or check into for the night I stopped into a gas station/casino/restaurant/bar, I purchased an apple and asked the young sales girl/cashier/bar tender if she may know of a place to camp. Her response was low, as she didn't want any of the other's at the bar to hear. She said, "It's illegal, but you can set up you tent in the town park. No one will bother you. Plus they have a public restroom." So, I did.

July 10th
Total Miles-360 (I think...forgot to check at the end of the day)
Still in South Dakota

-Badlands National Park
-Wall's 103rd anniversary parade

High Light- The Black Hills of SD= Crazy-ass twisties.

I'll add more later. What shall tomorrow bring?

Spending the night in the Deadwood area

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 5th and the 6th...

Brockton, Ma - Vineland, Ontario
Total miles- 556
Temp. Fuckin' too hot!

Left the house at 6:20AM and started the adventure of Summer 2010.
The day went rather well until the temp sored through the gosh darn roof. Rode out on I 90 until I got out of Mass/NY. It's not going to be my general rule to stay on highways all the time, however I really needed to get away from the familiar.
Leave it to the kid to start his cross country odyssey during a full all encompassing HEAT WAVE. The mornings are best to ride, as well as the evening hours. Area's have been reporting record breaking temperatures...

Well, once I landed on Ontario I made a contractual visit to those famouse falls- you know the ones. Designed for ladies and lovers. So, I looked on the Canadian side from afar. Felt safer that way.

Hi-light moment of the day: Having myself a cold beverage of choice at the hotel lounge. Start talking to some super friendly Canadians (which is like shooting fish in a barrel) and we're talking motorcycles, music, and yes of Well, long story short; Doug and Randy brought me to Lakeside Park. Know it? anyone...hmmmm?
Super rad time. Those guys are super cool and true RUSH fans!!! Randy use to watch Neil practice playing drums so back in the day. TRUE STORY, Canadians don't lie!

July 6th
Vineland, Ontario - Gaylord, Michigan
Total miles- 460
Temp. Still too fuckin' hot!

The days have already started melding into one super long-ass day. Today, I sometimes had to stop and recalculate. It's hard to believe that it's only day number two! There are parts in the day all one can really do is sit in one of the Great I did.

Hi-light of the day: sat, swam, and submerged for several hours today in Lake Huron

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tomorrow is the Day.

Very nice 4th of July today.
Went in to Medford, Ma and spent the day with John Shayeb and his cast of characters.
Bike is all packed and ready to go.

Heading off to bed soon.
Crazy ass heat, not looking forward to it.
However, I believe I shall be riding out of it.
First stop Buffalo, NY.
I may even try and get a little beyond into the Canadian territory if possible.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

General - About profiles

General - About profiles

Monday the 5th the journey shall unfold

Ok, today is only the 1st of July, 2010 and I have been trying to tie up every and all lose ends prior to the start of my cross country expedition. The bike just got an oil change and a once over to inspect all gages, fluid levels, and tire pressure. According to my friend Scott in Whitman, Ruby is more than ready.

The feeling that encompasses my thoughts and body now could be compared to that of a child five days before Christmas. Several days before school gets out for the summer, and the wonderment of what explorations and new discoveries wait to be found around the corner. Oh snap! That already came about, as my last day of school was the June 18th.

More to come kids.