Saturday, July 10, 2010

July 7th-10th

The miles keep racking up. I keep telling myself the first 1,000 miles to be inducted into the Iron Butt membership, really ain't all that.

July 7th
Total Miles- 715

-Rode through Michigan and thought it would never end. I mean come on it's a peninsula state. However, it kept on going and going, as did I. This was the first real break in the heat wave of 2010. So, in celebration I treated myself to the mystery spot Have you ever been? What are your thoughts? let's compare notes.
-Got a righteous call from Derek T. who is currently residing in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was then that I pointed Ruby south and heading across some amazing rolling hills of Wisconsin and Minnesota for the most part and then hopped on the Interstate to make up some time.
-Meet up with Derek and his crew and had some rather decent sushi and a frosty cold one. God knows I needed it after that run.

High Light- Derek and his wife Steph were going to the movies and as much as I would have liked to have joined them, I had to decline. Upon finding Derek's house I rode in the driveway and noticed Nick (Steph's son) in the window. Unfazed Nick never took his eyes off the computer monitor. I knocked on the door, and introduced myself. He never uttered a word. I found the room Derek described to me, laid down and feel into a deep slumber.

July 8th
Total Miles- 0

-Spent the whole day chilling with Sir D.
-Mickey's Diner in St. Paul for breakfast. The greatest omelets on this Earth. The line cook uses something from the deepest parts of the ocean where the fish have built in head lamps and windmill to communicate love and affection. It's an old school diner the way they were and always should be. The waitress Mary and I became good friends rather quickly, as she gave me shit within the first 15 seconds of my ordering. So, I had to go Brockton on her. Needles to say we clicked.
-Indian food for dinner at Gandhi's. Amazing Saag Paneer-8.5 out of 10
-Cocktails at Town Talk. This place make-up most if not all of their own cocktails. Some were super-cool tasty. Others not so much. Would I go back there again....Hell yeah!
High Light- I got hammered and not so hung over.

July 9th
Total Miles- 490
Minnesota-South Dakota

I mentioned not so hung over. That in itself still leaves room for somewhat hung over. Needless to say, I had a late start. Hit the road at about 11ish in the morning, and dragging.
-Stopped for lunch and had a fish sandwich and banana cream pie.
Rode through out the day and stopped when the moment felt right and took some pics. Went through the Little House on the Prairie town. Looked for bitchy Nelly, as she was the one I always had a little secret crush on when i was a kid. No where to be found.
-South Dakota's back road are amazingly beautiful. Every one works and they work hard. Wheat fields and grain mills abound.
High light- It got dark and the deer were coming out for the evening. Looking for a place to camp, or check into for the night I stopped into a gas station/casino/restaurant/bar, I purchased an apple and asked the young sales girl/cashier/bar tender if she may know of a place to camp. Her response was low, as she didn't want any of the other's at the bar to hear. She said, "It's illegal, but you can set up you tent in the town park. No one will bother you. Plus they have a public restroom." So, I did.

July 10th
Total Miles-360 (I think...forgot to check at the end of the day)
Still in South Dakota

-Badlands National Park
-Wall's 103rd anniversary parade

High Light- The Black Hills of SD= Crazy-ass twisties.

I'll add more later. What shall tomorrow bring?

Spending the night in the Deadwood area


Cathie said...

Enjoying hearing about your travels. Sad that your journey started as I arrived but am excited for you taking this crazy fun trip. Thanks for blogging :)

snider said...

twisties in dem bighorns too. You'll love it.

South Dakota Office of Tourism said...

Fun to read about your adventures - especially through South Daktoa. Those twisty turny roads get me everytime. Who needs a rollercoaster - hop on a bike in the Hills and I'm a happy camper.

Hope you are continuing to enjoy your trip.