Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm such a hoser eh!

Well, I'm back in Canada! Again, it's a true love for all things Canadian, as well as avoiding Detroit and Chicago on the bike. Now, if I were in an automobile-well, that would be another different story all together. As I would have loved to have caught a baseball game in one of those great ballparks.

Beat Street Break-Down.....rrrrrrrurf!

July 28th
Glasgow, Montana- Lakota, North Dakota
Total Miles-420

Highlight- Trains really make me happy. In doing so, as I ride alone down this side road/highway I wave at all trains passing me bye. What makes the kid smile? Everytime I wave they blow the air horn. Simple, yes. Fulfilling, you bet you bippies! EVERY TIME. I wish everything in life were as simple. Maybe it is?

July 29th
Lakota, MT - Ashland, Wisconsin
total miles 440...the kid is back on track!

Nothing worth writing home about.

July 30th
Ashland, WS - Blind River, Ontario CANADA
Total Miles- 433

Stopped at an RV dealer today to see if they had those crazy stickers they put on the sides of RVs. You know the ones, each sticker is an out line of a state. Well, I was hooked up and spent some of the afternoon displaying my war medals inside my hardbags. Next time you see me just ask. Come on you know you want to. If your a little shy I'll break the ice and end up showing them to you anyways.

Stay tuned kids, as more exciting up dates will be pouring in. However, not so many as my trip is coming to a close.

Ok, all evening as I rode into the day turning into darkness I kept singing what song? Go a head and mapquest Blind River.


carmen said...

I found Blind River and then the song reference. Now I'm grinning as I listen to Neil Young (and I'm thinking about your impression of him before you left on this glorious trip...!)

Brockton Mike said...

We Have A winner!