Saturday, July 17, 2010

July 13th-17th

July 13th
Total Miles-204

Left Butte,MT after spending the morning/ early afternoon in uptown and taking in the beauty of all the amazing buildings and history or the copper mines.

Took rt. 38 which turned into a dirt road carved into the sides of mountains (32 miles). I don't recommend this road unless your into 4x4. Ruby did well, in fact she held out better than I did. i had to stop several times as my eyes became agitated. Every time I pulled over several trucks would stop and ask if I was in need of assistance. Highlanders look out for each other, as well as another in need of help.

Made it to Salmon, Idaho and stayed at the Sacajawea Inn on RT. 93. Stay there if your in and about the area. Clean spacious rooms and breakfast is only an additional $3.00.

July 14th
460 miles

Great riding day. Perfect weather as I twisted along the Salmon river. Stopped at the Sunbeam Hot Springs and took a little dip to relax and chill for a spell. Sun started to set as I made my way into Oregon. The light on the blond hills were nearly blinding, the deer were also starting to come out of hiding for the night so I decided it was time to set up camp.

More and more twisties as much as straight aways.

Stopped at the Oasis campgrounds in Juntura, OR along RT 20.

Dinner consisted of two frosty cold beers and then set up camp. I was in bed and sound asleep by 9:00 PM.

July 15th
320 Miles

The roads out here scream for motorcycles. More twisties yet once again. The Mackenzie Pass in Sisters,OR is well worth the effort if you see yourself in these parts.

Arrived at Mister Snider's at 2:30

Washed the bike down
Met Dave at 4ish after he got out of work
Drinks and an amazing meal at Belly in downtown Eugene
and more and more drinks....

July 16th
0 miles

Chill time....and it feels sooooooooooooo good.
Went to Sam Bonds to see some music.
Backyard bind fire with D
Awesome nights sleep. Thanks Tami for the fresh bed and sheets.

July 17th
Total miles-0

Heading to Portland with Dave to see his band Pellet Gun play tonight at the White Eagle.

This chill time is well needed.

Stay tuned for more adventure.

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