Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 11th

July 11th
440 miles

Deadwood/Lead South Dakota-Cody, Wyoming

Again I can’t overstate the amazing back roads America has to offer. When one travels, and you find yourself in no particular hurry- take the time and discover what people and animals do outside of your own neighborhood.

Deadwood is extremely touristy and everything is based around Wild Bill Hicock and Calamity Jane. However, getting there from the crazy Badlands of South Dakota was quite adventurous.

Next stop: Cody, Wyoming
To travel here I again only used the I 90 sparingly.
Got off on rt.14/16 and drove through Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote type surroundings. I also took Ruby to the test as well as myself in regards to just how much gas she can hold. The reserve light went on and there was noting in site…I mean NOTHING. On top of all that, it’s Sunday so nothing at all is open. However, as luck would have it and the remaining fumes held out just a tad longer than expected, I came across a man-less gas pump that only operates on credit cards. It also offers three different types of diesel fuel.

Hi-lights: When arriving in Cody, Wy. I checked into a super cheesey/awesome motor lodge called the Uptown Motel. Pulled my bike up to two other bikes and it was there I met Kevin and John from Canada. We drank beer, talked bikes, politics, hockey, and decided to go on an amazing journey the following morning. They had just spent the last two weeks riding down from Calagery and Vancover to New Mexico. Plus the owners of the motel gave us a six pack of Sam Adams that another guest had left behind. We never even left the front porch area of our motel all night.

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