Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 5th and the 6th...

Brockton, Ma - Vineland, Ontario
Total miles- 556
Temp. Fuckin' too hot!

Left the house at 6:20AM and started the adventure of Summer 2010.
The day went rather well until the temp sored through the gosh darn roof. Rode out on I 90 until I got out of Mass/NY. It's not going to be my general rule to stay on highways all the time, however I really needed to get away from the familiar.
Leave it to the kid to start his cross country odyssey during a full all encompassing HEAT WAVE. The mornings are best to ride, as well as the evening hours. Area's have been reporting record breaking temperatures...

Well, once I landed on Ontario I made a contractual visit to those famouse falls- you know the ones. Designed for ladies and lovers. So, I looked on the Canadian side from afar. Felt safer that way.

Hi-light moment of the day: Having myself a cold beverage of choice at the hotel lounge. Start talking to some super friendly Canadians (which is like shooting fish in a barrel) and we're talking motorcycles, music, and yes of course....hockey. Well, long story short; Doug and Randy brought me to Lakeside Park. Know it? anyone...hmmmm? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZ8QouXaPDU
Super rad time. Those guys are super cool and true RUSH fans!!! Randy use to watch Neil practice playing drums so back in the day. TRUE STORY, Canadians don't lie!

July 6th
Vineland, Ontario - Gaylord, Michigan
Total miles- 460
Temp. Still too fuckin' hot!

The days have already started melding into one super long-ass day. Today, I sometimes had to stop and recalculate. It's hard to believe that it's only day number two! There are parts in the day all one can really do is sit in one of the Great Lakes....so I did.

Hi-light of the day: sat, swam, and submerged for several hours today in Lake Huron

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