Friday, July 16, 2010

Tuesday July 13th 2010...I know!

Ok, I realize I do need to backtrack some dates. The Internet has not been so readily available, or if it was I was not. I've made it to the west coast all in one piece (at least on the outward appearance).

July 12th
Total miles-220
Cody, WY - Butte, MT

Well, upon meeting Kevin and John the previous day, we all decided to embark on this run together. I also can't stress the friendliness and gratitude I received from those guys.

Chief Joseph Highway and Bearstooth pass are the GREATEST highways/roads in this country of ours. Truly spectacular! Talk about twisties, twisties, and beautifully drawn out...twisties. And the fact that your also about 12,000 feet above sea level. It was somewhat wild riding past snow, elk, long horned sheep, and the occasional ground hog. I posted some pics of that run the previous post. Go back and check em' yo!

After parting ways with my new Canadian friends in the town Red Lodge, I made my way through Yellowstone National Park. Sorry to say, I couldn't wait to get out the other side as soon as possible. I went from flying like a hawk to crawling with the reptiles as the tourist and thrill seekers needed to stop and stare at every living plant, animal, and man. On top of that, the temperature increased drastically in the valley.

Found my way out to rout 89 and made my way to a hidden treasure. BUTTE, MONTANA.
In the city that America has quickly forgotten, I rolled around to see what there was to be seen.

Arriving at dusk, the sun was setting on the Montana mountains and discovering Butte took a little time as the new and improved stucco and plastic formations first greet the new arrivals. One has to go uptown to find the gold, or in Butte's terms copper.
It's here in uptown where all these amazing turn of the century brick buildings stand abandoned and holding secrets and stories about a better time and brighter day. Street after street share the same past glory. However as the night was flatly approaching I needed to find a place to lay my head for the evening. Ladies and Gentleman, let me now introduce you to your next stop while visiting Butte. The Finlen Hotel

This place was has been restored to the looks and check it yo!

so, the next time your in Butte, you may consider buying and restoring some of the old gems there. Do yourself a favor and stay at the Finlen. Tell em' Brockton sent you.

On the side note: It was time to do laundry. Total cost at the Finlen= $1.00....dig it!

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